Sarah is passionate about capturing our furry friends, and she is darn good at it too!  So glad I had the opportunity to be captured and have my pup captured by her! I adore the images that she has created for us! Thank you Sarah!!

Erin M.

Sarah is an amazingly talented photographer! We LOVE our pics of our precious fur baby!! Thank you!

Ramona S.

"The Best Dog Photographs in the World!" - Dogs Today Magazine

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, I was always surrounded by nature and of course, Dogs. At the age of sixteen, the very first thing I wanted to do when I picked up my very first camera, a Canon 400D, was to take images of any piece of nature I could discover in the backyard. It wasn’t until four years ago, that I made the decision to specialise in Pets alone. I set eyes on a one of a kind French Bulldog, Oliver, when he was a tiny body with big bat ears at just three months old. With an extremely clownish personality and wrinkles for days, I couldn’t keep my lens away from him, and still can’t to this day. He is the reason and constant inspiration for Sarah Lewis Photography.

At most gatherings, you’ll find me bonding with the family Dog. I’m mad about these creatures – a being that bears no judgment, holds no grudges and gives nothing but love and happiness.

They teach us to live in the moment and enjoy the smaller things life has to offer. I choose to commemorate these one of a kind qualities through Photography. I had the amazing opportunity of learning film photography in my late years of high school. To my surprise, I began skipping subjects and classes just to develop film and create black and white prints in the dark room. In 2009, I gained a diploma in digital photography before moving to Australia and began capturing families, couples and pets. I always felt different when capturing four legged fuzzies, it was where I felt most in my element and was always where I produced my most genuine, best artwork.

I have been in the business of solely Pet Photography for over two years now, where I have met many amazing pets and people. I have produced my first limited edition coffee table book, French Bulldogs of Perth, which sold out in under three days! I am so excited to produce more books for Dog lovers all around Perth.

When I’m not photographing fur babies, you can find me strolling a picturesque Perth beach with Oliver in tow, enjoying good food, good music and decorating my newly built home.


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